5411 Harwood Road

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2012 – Sold for $860,000

Represented Seller: Listed for $850,000 and sold for $860,000 with multiple offers.

Like so many of us, this house had years and years worth of clutter inside.  The walls were painted in different colors, there was wallpaper all over, furniture was many styles and crowded in the house and there were many different art styles in the home.  All of this presented a house which looked much smaller than it was and certainly wasn’t going to attract a lot of buyers.

Buyers don’t have a lot of vision!  We needed to remove so much of the person’s personality and life from the house and make it the place the next buyers would call their home.  So from cluttered and small we went to WOW:

Big, gorgeous photos



MainUpper1 (5)

For about $10,000 and several weeks of sweat equity we were able to get this home presented for the market. And the market responded with immediate offers, over asking.

Had we left the house in the original shape the selling price might actually have been $100,000 less.

Think about that:  $100,000 price was saved by spending $10,000 and some labor.  Worth it?  I’d say so…

Here is what the seller had to say:

Josette was fabulous to work with!  She came in and recognized all the issues I was facing.  She made a list and worked tirelessly with me for 3 weeks straight to get my house “undone” from the last 30 years and ready for the next 30 with a new family….    I got to do what I’ve wanted to for a while and my “Bethesda retirement plan” came through!  I thank Josette for everything she was able to do for me and recommend her to work with for anyone who wants to have a successful sale.


About Josette

I live and work in the areas I serve. My goal is always to put your interests first and to get you to the finish line with the least amount of hassles, the most money and the best experience possible!