5410 Christy Drive

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2013 – Sold $874,000

Represented Seller: Listed for $849,000 – Sold for $874,000

This home had great bones to begin with since they sellers had updated their kitchen and added a great room in the last ten years.  The hall bath had literally only been finished a few months…  But like all homes there was simply too much stuff!  With the help of Mess Managed, the sellers were able to make great decisions about what was to go to storage, to family, to the new home and to giveway.  And with Abigail's help to get all that done they made their deadlines to get the house in order.

It showed beautifully and as a result we had over 150 people through on the open houses – both Saturday and Sunday – and we had three offers from which to choose the best.  I highly encouraged everyone to do pre inspections on the home and the winning bid ended up being the buyers who had done one and were able to submit their offer with no contingencies.  In a very fast moving market, it's critical to be very aggressive in the way you structure your offers.  There is never a reason to buy a home without an inspection so simply do one beforehand. 

We needed minimal staging in this house in terms of bringing in furniture but we spent a considerable amount of time culling out what the owners had collected through the years.  By reducing the art down, the photos, the books and just the general clutter of the house, the buyers could see the details of the house and focus there instead of the non essentials.  The result was smashing!

Big, gorgeous pictures!


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The sellers were a pleasure to work with and really worked hard to make sure they had done everything I said.  As a result their purchase of a new condo went off like clockwork and the sale of their home took place quickly and smoothly…


Josette helped us act quickly to sell our home at a very good price and to buy a new home in parallel transactions. Her advice on preparing our home to show was absolutely correct and useful–the house showed once and the offers poured in. Josette stayed in touch in person, by phone and by email so that she knew what we were doing and what we needed and she advised us as to all aspects of the sale…she sat in with us at the closings just to be sure that no loose ends remained. We recommend her as strongly as possible. 

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I live and work in the areas I serve. My goal is always to put your interests first and to get you to the finish line with the least amount of hassles, the most money and the best experience possible!