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Leave the Details to Me....
From start to SOLD, I'll manage everything

My sister and I were experiencing emotional turmoil after the unexpected passing of our father in Maryland. We were suddenly trustees of his estate, which included his house that he had lived in for 45 years. A friend, who knew that we had to sell the house because we both resided out of state, introduced us to Josette. I knew right away, during our first meeting at Dad’s house, that Josette had the knowledge and experience necessary to prepare a 1960′s home for sale in the present day.

She pointed out how inexpensive upgrades like new light fixtures, a fresh coat of paint, or new glass in the kitchen cabinates, etc. would help in the sale of the house. We were convinced and asked her to get started. She became our “general contractor”, buying light fixtures, kitchen appliances, etc., and getting quotes for other work and repairs that needed to be done. Everything she recommended was first sent to us for approval or discussion before she bought anything or hired anyone to work.

She also did thorough homework on the housing market in the area which helped us establish a selling price (which was within $3,000.00 of an independent appraisal). After all the necessary upgrades and repairs were completed, we put the house on the market and it sold within a month. Josette is an honest, hard-working (I often received e-mails from her late in the evening) and dedicated realtor. She is also a great “diplomat” and negotiator who was willing to listen to us and be sensitive to our needs and situation. How great it was to know that, 600 miles away, we had a highly competent realtor in Josette working ”on our side." David Young & Sue Vodola